6 Benefits of Sex You Maybe Don’t Know

Obviously, sex is great, awesome. We feel great after having sex. But not many couples know that sex have some great health benefits. Making love is also a good way to be in good health. Also, it is very obvious that sex improves the relationship between you and your partner. This article talks about top 6 health benefits of sex.

1. Sex Lowers Stress and Blood Pressure

A study done among 24 women and 22 men shows that sex lowers stress. They were given some tasks including public speaking which could increase their pressure, but who had sex performed better as they felt less stress. Another study shows that diastolic blood pressure is usually low who have sex regularly.

2. Sex Boosts Your Immunity

Sex could boost your immune system. Getting attacked by cold often is really disgusting. People who have sex once or twice in a week are less likely to have cold or other types of infectious diseases. A study done among 112 college students proves that sex boosts the level of immunoglobulin A or IgA.

3. It Cuts Calories

One session of 30 minutes of sex cuts 85 calories or more from our body. It might not sound very attractive, but 42 sessions like this one could cut 3,570 calories which is far better than losing one pound.

4. Keeps Our Hearts Healthy

During sex hearts pump quickly, so some couples might think that it is not good for our hearts which is not correct. A 20-year-long study shows that people who had sex twice or more in a week were less vulnerable to have a dangerous heart attack than who had sex only once or less in a month. Also, sex has no relations with strokes.

5. Protects us from Prostate Cancer

This type of cancer is very common in old men. Study shows that men who ejaculated regularly in their 20s are less likely to have prostate cancer later. Another study shows that who had 21 ejaculations or more in a month are less likely to have prostate cancer than who ejaculated from 4 to 7 times in a month.

6. Sex Improves Sleep

Sound sleep is extremely important for everyone. During sex oxytocin hormone is released which improves sleep. Sleep is good for weight, blood pressure, etc.

So, have sex regularly with your partner to boost your health and the nice relationship between you and your partner. Good luck for both of you!

Faisal Khan is a freelance writer. He loves to write articles on any topics, especially on health niche. His articles are very informative and easy-to-understand.

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