Erotic massage Bucharest – top salons in town

In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism.

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Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and the client are prohibited from offering, receiving and demand comprehensive sexual services. Before embarking on this kind of services you should know that you will not get sex but you get privacy, relaxation, erotic massage and completions techniques that do not include sex.

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When you arrive at a massage parlor you will be greeted by beautiful masseuses dressed in sexy gowns, dresses, lingerie or swimwear.

You have to choose the masseuse that you most like by attitude, physics, smile, each one of you according to personal criteria. Then, once chosen the masseuse you should decide on the type of massage you want.

You can choose between Swedish massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, massage in whirlpool, four hands massage, couples massage, swing, erotic massage or lingam massage. Besides all this, according to your fantasies and available masseuses, they can meet up your fantasies of domination verbal or physical and other fetish. After choosing the desired masseuse in the room she will give up her clothes and she will remain nude, all nude she will execute all types of massage above mentioned. If you do not want nudity please specify this.

Erotic massage and lingam massage are types of massage made by a masseuse with her whole body. The breasts, bottom, thighs, legs, hands, with feet flat on the customer’s genital area.

On the site you can see the ladies available every time with a photo gallery with real pictures, a few words of description, age, experience, services and massage techniques performed by each one. All you have to do is choose the desired combination.

Our massage salons provides professional, high quality services since 2000. Among our clients there are politicians, businessmen, tourists and local people with above average incomes, all of whom agree that we are a five-star brand.

All masseuses are qualified for therapeutic and relaxation massages, are lawfully employed and own medical tests to date. Besides legality and safety we have made sure that each of the 30 girls to be beautiful but in a different way so that each of the clients retrieve ideal masseuse.

The lounges are decorated in oriental style, each room represents a a different area, each one is handmade by an interior designer. The colors, the music, the details,the materials are carefully chosen to create a state of relaxation. Everything is sanitized after each client so that you can relax without a care. Each parlor of the three that we have is centrally located in Bucharest, in elegant villas with own parking, air conditioning and approvals from state institutions.

If you want to benefit from relaxing or erotic massage in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room, you can choose desired masseuse from the gallery, make an appointment and the chosen masseuse will reach you within 30 minutes or at the appointed time . When it has reached the masseuse will have a badge and the invoice and of course the goods needed for massage. All you have to do, if you want, is to open a champagne bottle, choose some beautiful music and take a shower. Showering you can also do when the girls is arrived, together with it.

If you have not experienced before an erotic massage or a relaxing massage performed by a beautiful nude masseuse, if you want to see another joy of life we recommend you to visit our salons and to schedule a meeting.

Will be more than massage. It will be a unique experience, an adventure!

Why Can’t We Talk About Sex?

Does the thought of talking sex with your partner bring you outside of your comfort zone? How comfortable are you talking about sex with your partner?

For many couples, talking sex is not on the agenda. Sex can be a no go topic for all sorts of reasons.

– “My parents were not comfortable talking sex”

– “My partner ought to know what I want without my having to say it”

– “Sex is too intimate to talk about.”

Let’s look at Mark and Amy. They have been married for four years and have never discussed their sex life. Mark is quiet and gentle. Amy is uncomfortable talking about sex.

One day, as they are preparing their evening meal together, Mark puts his arms around Amy and says –

“Why can’t we have sex more often? It’s really frustrating me.”

Amy is at first so taken aback that she decides to ignore the comment.

“Did you hear the baby crying? I’ll just go and check.”

She leaves the room and pretends that she has not heard. How could Mark expect her to talk about their sex life just like that, in the kitchen, while they are preparing a meal? He has never spoken so openly before. Maybe he is just trying to provoke her.

When she returns, Amy continues as before and hopes that Mark will drop the matter. But Mark insists,

“Why can’t we talk about sex, Amy? I know that it makes you uncomfortable, but we need to be able to discuss it.”

“What on earth has got into you?” Amy says, “You never used to talk about sex. Now you seem to think of nothing else. No matter how often we have it, it’s never enough for you.”

“That’s because you only agree to make love when I really pester you. You never seem to want it yourself. When you just sigh and give in, it takes away all the pleasure for me. I feel like I’m using you.”

“But you know how tired I am since the baby came. There is always so much to be done. I honestly don’t know how you can even find the time to think about sex.”

“I never stop thinking about sex these days, because whenever we do make love, I immediately start worrying about when you will agree to do it again.”

“But that means that I constantly feel under pressure from you,” says Amy. “We never seem to be able to relax together these days. I feel that if I let my guard down even for a minute, you will interpret this as a hopeful sign and want sex immediately. Then you only end up being disappointed and angry.”

When talking about sex – learn to listen!

Mark and Amy decide to make their sex life the subject for a listening exercise. Amy speaks first while Mark listens. When she has finished, Mark must recount what he has heard Amy say. He is not allowed to add in any comments of his own. He is simply to say, “What I have heard you say is… “

When Mark starts to speak, he has to resist the temptation to interject his own thoughts and feelings. He has heard Amy say all this before. He just wants her to understand his situation.

But as he sticks to the rules, Mark hears himself talk about how Amy really feels. – her tiredness, her lack of interest in sex and, to his surprise, her admission that it has been a long time since she enjoyed having sex. For the first time, he finds himself looking at the situation from her perspective.

When he has finished, he asks Amy if this is an accurate summary of her thoughts. She clarifies one or two points.

Next, it is Mark’s turn to speak.

As she listens, Amy is quite amazed to hear just how much Mark misses the closeness and intimacy of making love. She has almost forgotten that once she too enjoyed the sexual side of their relationship. Amy finds herself recalling the fun and warmth they used to share in the early days of their marriage.

Mark and Amy now ask each other what they would like to see happening. For Mark, it is quite simple. He would like them to reinstate regular lovemaking into their relationship, starting today. But for Amy, things are not so simple. “I need to feel like making love before we start. I have to be in the right mood,” she says.

Creating a Comfort Zone

First, Amy suggests that she would like to feel less tired. Then she would like to have a romantic evening with Mark.

“Remember the fun we used to have when we were dating?” Mark recalls those happy days, but now that they have a baby and a cash flow problem, can they recreate the same excitement?

That is their challenge. Amy suggests they make Saturday night their date night. They can only afford to pay a babysitter and go out for a meal once a month. On the other date nights, they decide to eat a take-away meal and perhaps watch a romantic movie together. They agree to take turns to organize date nights.

To help Amy feel less tired, Mark offers to do more of the household chores. But first, he wants Amy to promise not to insist on redoing his work because it is not up to her exacting standards.

As they talk about this, Amy realizes that she is something of a perfectionist. She also likes to be in control, whether it is in managing the baby or their home. She is going to have to let go of some of this control so that Mark can help out.

Talking Sex – Check-up

They agree to repeat the listening exercise in three weeks. By then, things have improved greatly for them both. For Mark, having to work on the sexual side of their relationship was a real eye-opener. He has become much more aware of Amy’s needs and feelings around sex. He realizes that once Amy felt more comfortable to share her feelings with him, she became more comfortable talking about sex. Now he is happier not only because their sex life has been restored, but also because he feels that he and Amy are more of a team. He enjoys playing a greater role in looking after the baby. He has even become quite skilled at ironing!

Amy too is happier. Her biggest challenge was to feel comfortable enough to talk to Mark about their sex life. Her next challenge was to be able to delegate some of the responsibility at home to Mark and allow him to do things in his way. Her way had always seemed the definitive way before. As for date nights, they are a valuable and vital part of the week.

“No matter how tough it is when things go wrong during the week, we can look forward to being together, just the two of us, at the weekend. That makes all the difference,” says Amy.

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6 Benefits of Sex You Maybe Don’t Know

Obviously, sex is great, awesome. We feel great after having sex. But not many couples know that sex have some great health benefits. Making love is also a good way to be in good health. Also, it is very obvious that sex improves the relationship between you and your partner. This article talks about top 6 health benefits of sex.

1. Sex Lowers Stress and Blood Pressure

A study done among 24 women and 22 men shows that sex lowers stress. They were given some tasks including public speaking which could increase their pressure, but who had sex performed better as they felt less stress. Another study shows that diastolic blood pressure is usually low who have sex regularly.

2. Sex Boosts Your Immunity

Sex could boost your immune system. Getting attacked by cold often is really disgusting. People who have sex once or twice in a week are less likely to have cold or other types of infectious diseases. A study done among 112 college students proves that sex boosts the level of immunoglobulin A or IgA.

3. It Cuts Calories

One session of 30 minutes of sex cuts 85 calories or more from our body. It might not sound very attractive, but 42 sessions like this one could cut 3,570 calories which is far better than losing one pound.

4. Keeps Our Hearts Healthy

During sex hearts pump quickly, so some couples might think that it is not good for our hearts which is not correct. A 20-year-long study shows that people who had sex twice or more in a week were less vulnerable to have a dangerous heart attack than who had sex only once or less in a month. Also, sex has no relations with strokes.

5. Protects us from Prostate Cancer

This type of cancer is very common in old men. Study shows that men who ejaculated regularly in their 20s are less likely to have prostate cancer later. Another study shows that who had 21 ejaculations or more in a month are less likely to have prostate cancer than who ejaculated from 4 to 7 times in a month.

6. Sex Improves Sleep

Sound sleep is extremely important for everyone. During sex oxytocin hormone is released which improves sleep. Sleep is good for weight, blood pressure, etc.

So, have sex regularly with your partner to boost your health and the nice relationship between you and your partner. Good luck for both of you!

Faisal Khan is a freelance writer. He loves to write articles on any topics, especially on health niche. His articles are very informative and easy-to-understand.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Sex Is Important in a Relationship

Every relationship needs to be fulfilling mentally, spiritually, and yes, sexually. Couples that believe sex is not important will find their relationships deteriorate, eventually ending completely. Sexual intimacy is a key part of all long-lasting relationships and marriages. Overall sex is the most liberating activity that partners can partake in as human beings.

Here are 5 reasons why sex is important in a relationship. Each is something that is a key for couples, if they want their relationships to last the tests of time. See if you can relate to any or all of them, then think about why.

  • Connects You

Sexual activity is more than just physically fulfilling, it allows couples to engage each other intimately. While engaged in sex, all aspects of the individual are literally bare naked and vulnerable. People can share deeply during the process of intercourse, on all levels. Sex connects people in a way that no other activity does. If this is truly understood, sexual activity can help couples reach many levels of communication and learn to be closer in non-verbal ways together.

  • Release Stress

No other form of exercises releases stress and physical tension, like sex does. Sexual activity can work out all the muscles throughout the body. Sex is incredibly good for the cardiovascular system, because it gets the blood pumping, the lungs breathing harder, and even elevates hormonal levels in both genders. Studies have shown that sex helps human beings in various ways via touching and creating physical intimacy. It can help overcome all types of psychological and physiological barriers that are caused by the daily stresses of life. It also releases endorphins in the brain, as sex stimulates the pleasure centers.

  • Live Longer

Sex maybe the key to physical immortality, or at least longevity. It has been proven, that adult men and women, who engage in regular sexual activities live longer. They are more apt to be physically in shape, but also are less likely to have negative body image, succumb to depression or many other psychological hang ups. Sex builds up the immune system, by releasing endorphins, working out the heart, stimulating all of the cardiovascular system, and because it makes you feel great. As couples get older, engaging in sexual intercourse is a fantastic way of keeping themselves active into their golden years.

  • Better Self Esteem

For obvious reasons, a healthy sex life promotes positive mental health. People who are sexually frustrated suffer from many more psychological problems, than individuals that have a fulfilling sex life. Many people with low self-esteem, also have a sex life that is lacking or non-existent. Sexual dysfunctions in males are usually complicated by negative self-image, plus low self-esteem issues in their life. Sex won’t cure low self-esteem, but it definitely helps.

  • Keeps Things Hot

As time passes, many things become mundane in the average relationship. Sexual intercourse can remain a stimulating and adventurous way to keep things romantic. Although sex drive may diminish over the years, it does not mean that the sex can’t still be hot and fun. Married couples and long-term relationships allow partners to know each other better, so they should also know one another’ likes, dislikes, and bodies well. Trying new kinds of foreplay, dressing up, or changing environments are simple ways to keep things spicy in the bedroom. New sexual positions, masturbation, or using adult toys can heat things up too. No matter what, strive for variety and new ways to pleasure one another.

Sex will continue to be new and interesting, if a couple continues to find ways of making it so.

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More Sex for Better Health – 12 Reasons to Have Sex Every Night

Most men don’t need a list of reasons to have more sex – it feels good, he wants it, end of story. But for those who do need a little extra motivation, there are several proven scientific reasons why sex is good for the health! So, perhaps next time the other partner just isn’t in the mood, the following reasons could be listed on the pro-sex side of the conversation. After all, he is just being a loving husband or boyfriend concerned about his partner’s health and wellness, right? Read on to learn 12 reasons to have sex tonight, as well as how to maintain a healthy penis that is capable of doing the job.

12 reasons to have sex tonight

Here are 12 reasons scientists have found as to why having sex boosts one’s health – yes, there are many scientists out there studying the sex habits of couples all to tell the world what they already know: sex is good!

1. Boosts the immune system – That’s right, less sick days at work for people who have more frequent sex.

2. Hang onto that youthful look -Turns out people who continue to have healthy sex lives as they age look younger – and probably feel younger, too!

3. Decreases stress, anxiety, and depression – While not a substitute for appropriate mental health management and care, sex releases endorphins that can temporarily boost a funky mood.

4. Boost fertility – The more a man has sex, the better quality his sperm is. On the flip side of things, frequent sex helps balance out a woman’s hormones and regulate her periods, increasing her chances of conceiving.

5. Burns calories – The average session in the sack burns about 200 calories, which is equivalent to running for 15 minutes or so – but much more fun than jogging!

6. Improved quality of sleep – It’s no secret that men tend to get sleepy immediately after sex. The release of chemicals following orgasm relaxes the muscles and can induce sleep, making it an excellent solution for the occasional bout of insomnia.

7. Relieves headaches and other pains: An orgasm releases the hormone oxytocin and other endorphins, which serve as natural painkillers. What’s more? The natural painkillers are so strong they can even relieve the pain of a migraine headache!

8. Boosts blood flow – Sex improves circulation to the entire body and stimulates blood flow to the brain, because of the increase in heart rate and deep breathing that comes with the activity.

9. Fights cancer – Some studies suggest that the more frequently a man ejaculates, the lower his risk of prostate cancer. Although the jury is still out, if there is a potential link between the two, it can’t hurt to up the amount of sex one is having every month.

10. Improves self-esteem – Believe it or not, people who get down and dirty more often tend to have higher confidence in their body and overall greater self-esteem.

11. Improves bad cholesterol – A frisky sex life can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body, creating a more favorable ratio of good to bad cholesterol. No meds needed!

12. Better dental health – The kissing that tends to come with sex stimulates saliva production, which helps cleanse the teeth and lower the acidity of the mouth; all this can translate to better dental health.

Keeping the penis ready for sex

In order to reap all the healthy benefits of sex, a man needs to be healthy enough to have sex in the first place. To keep the penis healthy, a man should ensure his heart is also healthy, because many of the problems a man has with his equipment come back to circulation issues. Getting plenty of exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding alcohol, and not smoking all help keep the heart and the penis healthy. Additionally, men should use a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) packed with penis-specific vitamins and minerals. Selecting one with L-Arginine can also improve blood flow to the penis allowing for improved oxygen exchange and a healthier manhood, men should also look for products that contain high-end moisturizers to help prevent chafing and irritation from all the increased time in the sack.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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5 Reasons Why Married Sex Can Be Amazing

You might have read about-or personally experienced-the challenges some married couples (or couples in long-term relationships) face when it comes to keeping sexual desire and sexual passion alive. The newness of a relationship clearly brings with it certain perks, one being the euphoria and excitement that seems to envelop every aspect of our life (including our sexuality). It’s not uncommon for married couples to look back fondly on the days when more frequent love-making, greater sexual exploration and risk-taking, and heightened sexual intensity were a part of the relationship landscape.

But this is only part of the picture for married couples. Clearly, not all couples who have been together for years (or even decades) complain about a sexless marriage or have to settle for mediocre sex. In fact, a percentage of married couples report that sex within their long-term union has benefits they couldn’t have imagined. Even if the frequency of sex has diminished, these couples report high levels of sexual satisfaction, and a deep and meaningful intimacy that arises from sex.

Let’s turn our attention to five benefits of married sex (as well as sex in a long-term relationship).

1) Sex As an Expression of Love

“Every time I have sex with my wife, it is an act of deep, profound love.” ~Ken, married almost twenty years

It’s usually assumed that couples who are married love each other, unless, of course, their love has faded and they’re heading for divorce or staying in a loveless marriage for the sake of their children. But for the many married couples who do love each other, they have the wonderful opportunity to express and share their love through sexual expression. The entwining of sex and love takes sex to new heights for many couples-in these instances, the act of sex itself becomes a powerful way to transform the subjective feelings of love into tangible acts of loving expression and appreciation.

2) The Benefits of a Shared History

“Married sex is like dancing with a partner you are totally familiar with; it makes for a great dance because you know his particular rhythms and moves.” ~Holly, married fourteen years

A deep connection arises out of a shared history where trust is established. It is through a couple’s shared history that a deeper knowing and understanding of the other occurs-a knowing that results not just from time spent together, but from ongoing, meaningful communication. For intimacy to be nurtured, the evolution of this communication must include discussions about one another’s most important desires and longings; sexual and emotional likes and dislikes; as well as an understanding of each other’s hopes, dreams and vulnerabilities.

When this knowing occurs in the bedroom, a sexual empathy is set in motion that becomes part of the foundation for a couple’s sexual exploration. Great sex arises from sexual empathy: a mutual appreciation of what each partner/spouse needs sexually, as well as emotionally.

3) A Sexual Foundation Built upon Emotional Security

“The longer we’ve been married, the more secure I feel in our relationship. That security allows me to take risks sexually with my wife. I always felt sexually anxious the times I had sex and didn’t know the person really well.” ~Michael, married seven years

When you love someone, they have a great deal of power and influence over you (there’s no denying this fact). Feelings of insecurity and anxiety arise when we start to feel we no longer matter to our partner, that our needs and concerns are falling on indifferent ears. But when we feel emotionally secure and safe, a whole new world of possibilities is opened to us.

Sexually, this might take the form of taking greater risks sexually (like it did for Michael in the above quote)–a giving of the parts of you no one else gets to see (your emotional vulnerabilities, as well as a sharing of your sexual longings and fears). This emotional security gives you greater emotional and sexual freedom; a freedom to let your guard down and be swept away in the mutual pleasures and connecting moments of sexual intimacy.

4) When Sexual Passion and Love Converge

“I’ve had passion without love and love without passion. Now I have both, and it’s indescribable.” ~Raquel, married eleven years

One of the common sexual complaints of couples in long-term relationships is diminished passion-what was once spontaneously ignited now requires effort and planning. Many of these couples might still have a rewarding sex life (“We enjoy sex whenever we have it… if we have it… “), even if their sexual dance has become somewhat predictable. But for some married couples, passion and love have blended, making for mind-blowing sex.

These couples aren’t afraid to be sexually adventurous. They trust each other enough to try new things and give fully of themselves. They communicate effectively about their sexual needs and use their deep knowledge of each other to generously give and openly receive sexual and sensual pleasure. And, most importantly, these couples create a shared space (unencumbered by the stresses and obligations of daily life) where sexual passion is allowed to take root.

5) Playing Between the Familiar and the Unknown

“I got so turned on when my wife did something totally unexpected the other day… she became a little unrecognizable to me in that moment, and I have to admit, it was hot… ” ~Daniel, married four years

Part of the emotional security married couples take comfort in arises out of the familiar and predictable routines that come to define their couplehood. Psychologist Esther Perel, in her brilliant book Mating in Captivity describes how a certain level of emotional closeness (the hallmark of a loving marriage) also has the potential to extinguish sexual desire. It’s when a level of psychological separateness occurs that the other person can be seen and experienced; and it is in this contact with a separate other that the fires of sexual passion are able to ignite.

Why does this make married sex so amazing? It’s a very different experience having someone you know well (your spouse/partner) let go sexually and/or act in a surprising or provocative manner, compared to someone you’ve just met or don’t know so well. Married couples are in an enviable position in this regard since they can bounce back and forth between the familiar/secure and the novel/tantalizing. In the psychic space between these seemingly contradictory experiences, a tension exists, a tension that can fan the flames of sexual desire and allows for passion’s potential.

While the above list is by no means exhaustive, it does point to some important benefits that married couples can enjoy when it comes to sex. The loss of sexual intimacy and passion in long-term relationships is not an inevitable outcome of domesticity. In fact, couples who have been together for a long time have unique opportunities to build upon their emotional foundations of love and security, whether this involves nurturing love and emotional intimacy through sex, or pushing against each other’s sexual boundaries in order to stimulate moments of sexual excitement.

The challenge is for married couples to identify any routines that may have led to relationship and sexual ruts, the routines they may too heavily rely on out of habit or complacency. Once those routines are identified, you can create and nurture opportunities that make your sex life a rich and meaningful part of your marriage or long-term relationship.

Want more strategies on how to enrich your sex life?

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Rich Nicastro, Ph.D. is a psychologist and couples counseling with twenty years of experience helping couples build greater sexual and emotional intimacy in their marriages/relationships.

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